Thursday, July 23, 2009

City Gates

It's been a long haul preparing for this prayer walk. At one point we thought it would not be possible to get it done. There were many obstacles to overcome. Thats how it is in our walk with God. We go through so many rockly paths and deep valleys that the task we are trying complete seems endless and impossible. The one thing I kept hearing was, Why would we not pray? God say's to pray without ceasing so why would we not pray? People are hurting, why would we not pray? People need hope, why would we not pray? Our city needs hope, why would we not pray?

That was the drving force to keep us going. That small sweet voice saying over and over again, why would we not pray?

There is nothing sweeter than the voices of Gods people crying out to Him.

Oh God, my prayer is that you would call your people to you! That we would come with humble hearts seeking your face, oh God. Enable us, empower us to come before you and ask for forgiveness, that You oh God may heal our land.

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